Latisse®, from the makers of BOTOX and JuvĂ©derm, is a prescription treatment for thin, short lashes to help them grow longer, darker, and fuller than before.

Applied nightly directly to the lashes, Latisse® can present results in a matter of weeks, creating stronger eyelashes and restoring your confidence!

Eyelashes grow like the hairs on your head: they sprout, then continue to grow for a set period of time before reaching their maximum length. Latisse® works by increasing the number of sprouting lashes, then extending the growth length, creating darker, fuller lashes!

Latisse® is applied at home before bed each night, with sterile applicators for use with one eye only. After a few months of use, you may be able to apply only once every two days. Once the solution dries, you may use mascara over it, just as you would normally.

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